He told me he loved me once 

After the gin hit his tongue

He spilt confessions all over my face

Was that bottle really filled with truth serum?

Or did he just mean my body

That he continuously spoke sweetness onto

Leaving it bare with nothing but the smell of gin

And lies 


-Alcohol lies and so does he  

She doesn’t call anymore 

And I don’t know a lot things 

Like whether or not listen to my instincts

That tell me to forget her

Or my emotions

That still leave her voicemails 

-Mom, please call soon 

I’m a sinner 

Because I made him cum twice

Or was it three times? 

He’s an angel 

Because he didn’t make me cum once 

While I lay there

Like the used tissue I’m made out to serve 

He sliped his pants on 

Rewarded with lust and assurance 

-Tales of a Sinner 

The heat from his body exasperated me 

Like a sauna in the midst of July 

I couldn’t breathe 

But I don’t think it was the intense warmth of his chest

He himself took my breathe away 

So I couldn’t help bare the scorching temperature of those arms 

Those arms that held me tight 

Though I knew it was for that one night 

And in the morning the desert would turn into an ice riddled tundra 

As well as my heart 

-Why you shouldn’t spend the night 

They will say things that will hurt you 

You try to not let it 

But it does 

And it’ll continue to 

We’re all emotional cutters

From the way we handle the bottle 

To the way we bite their tongues 

-Call more often 

I’m a sinner 

Because I’m a vixen in the eyes of your lord

Because I let my Jezebel run free through the night 

Basking in the hunt for her prey 

While she herself is being raided for her exposure 

Exposure of skin 

Exposure of sexuality 

Exposure of self 

-Tales of a Sinner