I am a Sinner, 

Because I don’t know how to reconcile with the ones I’ve wronged

Why would they forgive one so easily who damned their spirits and forsaken their anatomy?


For I’d fall solely back into the hands of those who deceived my passion and currupted my servitude

Damnation have it

We’re all masochists for someone

-Tales of a Sinner 

I am a Sinner 

Considering I never knew anything of innocence 

Maybe I was not robbed but merely was spared the denseness in which the righteous reside in

His evil touch was the clarity into the realm where the pristine turn a blind eye 

For what happens when this impish mortal discovered her devilish deeds through her aggressor?

Is she still a sinner?

Or a forgotten victim? 

-Tales of a Sinner 

I am a Sinner 

As I am glutonous for the sake of self loathing and greed

Oh you think it is food that I am a swine for?

The flavors of your cuisine hold no hunger in my eyes

Considering I’m utterly devoted to the banquet of his body 

And the feast of his soul 

I want to consume every last drop of the wine of his chromosomes 

For I am a glutton for unrequited affection 

-Tales of a Sinner 

I am a Sinner,

Because I’m fond of snakes

Ironic I suppose

As it was the serpentine figure that clobbered Eve’s persona

And cast her

Along with future blessed harlots

To the charters of the potentially wicked

Where you say we live immorally

As you ejaculate to another sister on the 6 train

-Tales of a Sinner 

I am a sinner, 

Because I chose to lay with the wolves

I made the decision to let them eat my heart out 

While I simultaneously tore out my lover’s 

For I betrayed his trust to dance with the Devil

And as you know the Devil wears many masks 

How could he predict that this time he’d appear in his friend’s wardrobe 

All with that familiar aroma of tobacco and that evening’s deadly sins 

-Tales of a Sinner

I’m a sinner 

For I have mistaken my fortune for that of a saint 

The wicked hath thought the wicked could be touched tenderly 

The wicked believed thou could be shown the love that one who hasn’t seen the darkness  breach could 

The wicked should’ve guessed that calamity lingers like the after dinner cigarette smoke expelling from your breath 

For saints are more frugal to come by as they bask in the midst of dawn 

But us sinners have become a commodity in this world of fabrication 

As to wear your damnation on your sleeve is to salute your trials and tribulations as you’re broken down further by the socialism at hand 

It is easy to be a saint 

It is an art form to be a sinner 

-Tales of a Sinner 

I’m a sinner 

Because I dwell from the loins of the damned 

I am poisoned with his blood and share in his dismay 

Incriminating acts and conjugating chaos with the tips of my fingers as I play casually in the casualty of my soul 

Like the tarnation who equips as much damage behind bars as he did prior 

I provoke transgressions in this commonwealth that salutes the sinners with a badge and shoots down the ones with a cause 

For I’ll take the syringe to my veins and distribute every drop of plasma until those who are blind can finally see the realism of the unsound 

– Tales of a Sinner 

I’m a sinner 

Because I made him cum twice

Or was it three times? 

He’s an angel 

Because he didn’t make me cum once 

While I lay there

Like the used tissue I’m made out to serve 

He sliped his pants on 

Rewarded with lust and assurance 

-Tales of a Sinner 

I’m a sinner 

Because I’m a vixen in the eyes of your lord

Because I let my Jezebel run free through the night 

Basking in the hunt for her prey 

While she herself is being raided for her exposure 

Exposure of skin 

Exposure of sexuality 

Exposure of self 

-Tales of a Sinner