I’m a sinner 

Because I wash my hands in the sink of a man’s bathroom 

Who I’ve spent the night with 

Only to vanish from his room at four in the morning 

To streak the streets in scarlet footprints 

While black streams paint my sunken face in mascara and regret 

-Tales of a Sinner 






This is it,

On our right.

Good spot here,



The driver woke her from a foggy rest she didn’t remember slipping into.


“Oh yeah this is perfect,

Thank you so much,

Have a great night.”


“Yes you as well.”

Climbing out of the car,

The frigid wind collided with her body hard,

Chilling her right to the bone,

But waking her straight out of her drowsy state.


The walk to the door seemed termless,

Seemingly with each step the door appeared further and further away.


Finally reaching the step,

The mint green door stung her tired eyes with its bright vicinity.

The buzzer to 5L rang out in a shrill,

Letting the occupants know the Mistress had arrived.  


An eclectic sound from the door warned her it was open,

Letting her in,

She bolted up the tired green staircase.


Her bag,

Like usual,

Kept weighing her down against the resistance of gravity and matter as she trudged up at a much

slower pace than before.


Reaching 5L,

She could already hear him complain about her time management.


Knocking once hard,

Maybe a little too hard for the hour,

Smith raced to the door,

eyeing her about what she guessed was her dominant embrace with the door.  



Honora’s on again off again boyfriend that wasn’t her boyfriend officially/ business partner,

Would take the late shifts to let Honora either session or sleep.


He sucked.

He sucked at managing the collective,

He sucked at booking clients,

He sucked at staying at the apartment when he needed to ensure the girls’ safety,

He sucked.

He also sucked at his base job of managing small bands out of a run down recording studio down in the LES.


“Jake’s here and he’s restless,

Better hurry up and change.”


“I know,

But what does he expect when he wants to session last minute?

I’m tired of him pulling this shit.”


“I know hun,

But he is your best client.

So we kinda have to accommodate him when he wants to,

Ya know?”


“I think it’s bullshit,

I mean,

I am the mistress here.

He’s suppose to be the sub and accommodate me.”


“Unfortunately nowadays that’s not how it works.”



Gonna get changed so I can get this over with.”


Entering the white tiled bathroom,

It was probably the nicest room in the apartment surprisingly enough.

They maintained it at top condition for sessions.


She began to strip from her comfy warm clothes,

Unleashing a series of goosebumps along her skin.


The latex didn’t help matters either,

Cold from the chilly environment.


She hurried to put it on as she didn’t want to give him any more reasons to complain.


Lacing up her boots,

She was now revamped from Esther Lux,

To the desirable Mistress Ana.


Her heels clicked loudly against the floor,

Even with every gentle step she took.


Smith was waiting outside the door the main room,

Ready for the action to begin.


“So just text me when the session is starting,

How long it’s gonna be,

And what kind it is tonight.”


“Yeah no doubt.”



Goodluck hun.”




Entering the room,

He was waiting for her on the bed,

Him and his sleek Tom Ford suit.


He looked so cool,

He always looked so cool.

He was definitely the most handsome man she had ever seen,

Let alone ever been with.


He was mid-thirties,

Always clean shaven,

And possessed thick lustrous hair.


She found brown eyes dull and lifeless,

But his melted liked baked chocolate chips in soft cookies.

And she believed whitening strips were a scam until she met him and his dazzling polished pearl-like teeth.


She hated the way he made her think of such corny analogies,

She hated the way he made her think about him at all.


He was the overly cocky Wall St. type that turned investment genius and guru,

Turned highly known anthropologist.


Her nerves would always skyrocket from fluctuating levels whenever she first saw him,

Dimming down shortly after they performed their first line together.


He had already set up four perfectly proportioned lines on the mirror the girls kept in the room for sissy sessions.


Without saying anything,

He held the gaze the two locked down when she first invaded the space,

Producing a nervous little school girl kind a vibe more than a dominating mistress.


He removed his suave blazer,

Exposing a lavish cream button down that he started to roll the sleeves up on.


Breaking the stare off,

He dug for a dollar bill in his pockets,

Pulling out a crisp fifty dollar bill.


“So nice of you to finally join me princess,

Didn’t think you’d ever arrive.”


Cutting the tension,

She relaxed a bit,

And made her way over to him.


“Nice of you to wake me up at four in the morning.

Very considerate of you.”


Once again,

Heels beat against the floorboard,

Rupturing the uneasy silence that left the room hollow.


“I know what I want when I want it.

And I just felt like paying my favorite little lady a visit.

Is that so wrong?”


“Considering the circumstances around the situation,


It is.”



I’m not right anyways.”



Not right in the head.

You’re probably just too hyped up on whatever you’ve indulged in throughout the day.”


Meeting him at the bed,

He extended one hand out to stroke her thigh,

Coursing up to her skimpy latex bottoms.


“You’re making me sound like I have a problem,

When the only problem I have is that you’re still dressed.

Can you assist me with the solution to this problem Mistress?”


Fingers delicately gilded down to the southern part of her body,

Broadening along the most sensitive part.


Pushing his hand away,

She had to let herself not get caught up in the moment and the rushing of sensations.

Within the premises of the Dungeon,

They couldn’t allow themselves to lose control as it was a dangerous game to play with paper walls and alert ears.


“You know you can’t pull that shit here,

If you wanted that you should’ve had me come to your place.”


“I was in the area,

Plus my place is all the way up the westside.

I couldn’t wait.”


“Well that’s what you get for lacking patience.”


Surprising her,

He pulled her down onto his lap,

Where she was met with a warm embrace.


His cologne was her favorite smell,

She never knew what it was though.

It was light,

But kind of musky.

It always gave her a reassuring pleasure.


He sat the mirror on her lap,

Simultaneously stroking her head.

She bent down to take a line,

Hitting her instantly.

Without a doubt,

He always had the best shit she’d ever done.


Wiping her nose,

He gently outlined her cheek with his lips,

Brushing over her face until they met with her own.



I want to do mine elsewhere other than the mirror.”


“Like I said,

You can’t go too far because of where we are.”


“You guys are allowed to sit on random mens faces,

We’ll be fine.

I’m very well trusted here.”


“I’m gonna text him to let him know the session is starting,

How long do you wanna go for?”


“Don’t put a time limit on it.”



I’ll let him know.”


Reaching down her boot she found her phone,

Letting Smith know about the details of the session.

Most likely he’d go out anyways and smoke his body weight in cigarettes and drive around Chinatown until he had enough.


He answered back with an “Okay”,

Commencing the start of the session.

He lifted her off his lap and placed her over the bed,

Positioning her in an incredibly submissive stance.


Lifting up one side of her bottoms,

He removed one of the lines from the mirror and arranged it on that cheek.

Snorting it up,

He licked off the last bit,

Leaving her weak with a longing for his tongue.


Bending over her,

His tongue now contacted her ear,

Giving her the same kind of thrill.


“Now what kind of fun are we going to have tonight?”


“At least let me dominate you in some kind of way to keep it by the books,

Ya know?”



I’ll let you handcuff me,

Do what you want for a bit,

But then you follow my rules,

Got it?”


“You come see a Domme just to domme her yourself?”



You’re not any Domme.”


Getting off of her,

He let her escape to get the rope hung up on the other side of the room.

She picked the smooth black one,

It was the easiest to tie up since she hadn’t yet perfected her rope skills.


Turning around,

She found him already stripped of his clothes laying perfectly centered on the bed.


Stringing the rope along his hands,

She bound him up as tight as she could.

Climbing over him to secure everything,

She could feel his hot breath over her chest,

Leaving her panting herself.


When everything was nice and stable,

She got up and went back over to the instruments,

Finding a pinwheel and plastic pink sound.


“Esther you better be fucking around.”


An undertone of panic expanded over his voice as he witnessed what she had in store for him.


“I’m not kidding,

And it’s Mistress Ana you little bitch.”


“You’re gonna fucking get it,

Best believe that.”


“I’m not scared of you.”


She knew that was a lie,

She knew he knew that was a lie,

Especially when he giggled at her remark.


Getting back on top of him,

She began to resuscitate him,

Knowing the outcome would be a nice hard member against her thigh.


She moved one hand down,

Groping him in a rhythmic manner.

Tiny gasps released from his mouth,

His breathing began to grow heavier with desire and longing.


Once she could feel some precum,

She relocated further down his body,

Preparing for the pain within this pleasure.


Starting with the pinwheel,

She ran the sharp spikes over the top,

Down his member,

Throughout his testicles.


He grunted with discomfort,

Taking what she was giving him.


She traced over his genitals again,

Causing more body jerks and winces than before.

When she figured he’d had enough of the pinwheel,

She placed it to the side of her,

Letting him catch his breath.


Now picking up the sound,

She saw his eyes fill up with terror at the sight of the mere object.



Please not that fucking thing.

Anything else but that.”


“I told you,

It’s Mistress Ana during a session.”


She gripped his head,

Opening up the urethra,

Where she’d cause unbearable agony.

He started to strain against his bindings,

But to no effect.

She shoved the pink plastic tube down his body,

Inflicting misery and horror in her client.


He shouted at the altercation of his body and this device,

Instilling a sense of accomplishment within the mistress herself.


“Had enough you little bitch?


Can’t take it?

Not man enough to handle it I see.”


“I’m not,

I’m not,

Get it the fuck out right now!”


“Say pretty please for your mistress,

She likes a slave with good manners.”



PLEASE mistress get it out.

I can’t take it.”



Since you asked nicely,

I’ll take it out.”


Removing the tube from his urethra,

He let out a cry of relief,

Hyperventilating from the irritation.


“I give you credit,

You had guts to do that.

Too bad you’re not gonna have them for very long though.”


“Why’s that?”


She asked unbinding his restraints.


“Cuz I’m about to fuck them out of you.”


Swiftly switching their positions,

She found herself once again under him.

He quickly deprived her of her bottoms,

Concluding what he warned her of.


Now the only sound of plea came from her,

As he fulfilled his own promise.







A heavy vibrating sound echoed throughout the room,

Waking her from the coma she found herself in.

She didn’t realize she managed to pass out hours earlier still naked with the mangled hair towel

now wrapped fully around her head.


The rapid buzzing was the result of Smith calling,

Inflicting hesitation and curiosity within her to pick up the phone.


“Hey hun,

What’s up?”



Considering it’s almost four in the morning,

I’ve been sleeping.”


“Oh sorry to wake you hun,

Jake’s just been persistent with seeing you pronto,

Think you could get here by four fifteen?”



I’m all the way in Bushwick,

It’s gonna take me at least thirty minutes to get there,

And that’s if I take a car.


Is it an outcall or incall?”


“He’s actually in the area so it’ll be an incall tonight.

I’ll tell him to send one,

Okay with me giving him your address?”


It was still funny to her how they could be so oblivious as to what really went on between her

and this certain client.


“Yeah that’s fine,

Just let him know I’m not in makeup.”


“Yeah no problem sweetie I doubt he’ll give a shit about that.”


“No doubt,

I guess I’ll see you soon.”


“Okay talk to you later Ana.”


A gasp of aggravation expelled from her mouth,

Exhausted and too comfy to move from her domain.


She now had to dig through the maze that was her closet to try and find something suitable

enough for this particular session,

As preparing herself mentally was a task within itself.


Lifting Lazarus off of her chest,

He sprawled out as her replacement over the area she previously claimed.

She stretched a bit to try and wake herself up more,

Catching a glimpse in the mirror.

She went over and examined herself once more,

Feeling defeated in her appearance.


Dragging herself to her closet,

She revealed the secret world of BDSM at her fingertips,

A universe only few could handle.

Latex, PVC, and faux leather hung in precise order,

Each material transforming her into a new mistress from the other.


With him,

She couldn’t just pull out any usual outfit.

It had to be as unique as his taste was,

Remembering the custom latex set he had ordered for her months ago.


She dove straight into her top drawer where she kept her bit more skimpy looks,

Discovering the peculiar black ribbed set she was gifted with.

This would be an automatic approval from him,

Which would hopefully provide a bit more incomplex session then they typically had.


Losing herself in her fantasy of simplicity,

She didn’t realize her phone was going crazy with messages and missed calls.

Of course,

They were all from him.


Ana I’m sending the car over.

Esther pick up the goddamn phone.

163 Morgan Ave Right?

Goddamn it Esther if you fell asleep you’ll be the one receiving the punishments.

I’m sending over the fucking car right now so you better be fucking ready.”


So aggressive,

She hated sessioning with male dommes,

But like everything,

There was always an exception,

And he was hers.


She grabbed the set and threw it in the big Chanel tote he gave her,

As well as a pair of her platform boots and some deodorant.


She slipped into a pair of yoga pants that were already present on the floor,

And one of her Pavement Place sweatshirts,

A local skate shop from back home.


Snagging her favorite pair of vans she bolted out the door,

Slamming it behind her which she knew would later result in a passive aggressive text from her

delightful roomie.


She jolted down the cement stairs,

Sliding one step at a time in her wool socks,

Not having a enough time before the car came to secure her vans on her feet.


The Uber was already parked outside as she could tell by the typical blinking hazard lights.

She ran to the driver’s side of the black camry,

Confirming the car was actually for her.


“For Esther,


“Yes from Jacob Paz?”


“Right on.”


“Snuggled herself in back,

Finally able to put on her shoes.”


“117 Grand St. Chinatown,





Do you have an aux cord by chance?

I’d like to play some music if that’s okay.”


“Yes of course miss,

Here it is.”

Handing her the cord,

She went to her library and pulled up one of the King Krule albums,

He always settled her into the zone before a session.


“Are you in heaven, lover?

I need you so.

Have you melted yet, lover?

For reasons unknown

You’re sweet like no other.

This haze is a wormhole

Radiatin’ undercover.”


Played over the system as they passed through a desolate Bushwick,

A calming feeling as a prolonging sense of anxiousness surfaced in her stomach.

As car after car passed them,

She wondered about the people in each vehicle.

Where they were going,

Where they were coming from,

Are they happy.

Or were they just as depressed as she was.


She wondered where they figured she was going,


To meet a boy?

How could anyone,

Including this Uber driver,

Suspect what she was actually about to do.

What she did everyday.


She closed her eyes and let King Krule sweep her away,

Swaying with the exhaust of the car,

And the beat on the tar.

I am a sinner, 

Because I chose to lay with the wolves

I made the decision to let them eat my heart out 

While I simultaneously tore out my lover’s 

For I betrayed his trust to dance with the Devil

And as you know the Devil wears many masks 

How could he predict that this time he’d appear in his friend’s wardrobe 

All with that familiar aroma of tobacco and that evening’s deadly sins 





Beat up high-top vans pounded down the mint green staircase,

Echoing throughout the empty hallway.

Fingers glided down the matching green railing,

Ensuring that she’d keep her balance stable as her speed progressed.


Landing at the bottom of the stairwell hard,

She almost tumbled into one of the neighboring chinese ladies,

Always skeptical of what went on behind their door.


She greeted her charmingly out from underneath her distressed Lakers hat.

Like usual,

The woman said hi coldly as she distanced herself further up the stairs.


A brisk gust of wind hit her face as she broke out onto the deserted street.

Grand St. was always desolate after 8pm,

There wasn’t much on the strip anyways except for a few roman shops and a couple pharmacies.


Lighting up one her Marlboro Lights,

She walked sluggishly down the street towards the Canal Subway Station,

where she’d make the long journey of having to go back uptown to Union Square to catch the L train.


She never minded the trip surprisingly enough,

it give her the solace she needed to get reacquainted with herself again apart from “Ana”.


It wasn’t like she wasn’t lost before she discovered “Ana”,

She actually owed a lot to this new identity.

Without her,

She probably wouldn’t have Esther either.


Finishing up the last few drags of her cigarette,

She slithered down the staircase of the subway with the rest of the city creatures returning to their territories.




The tea bags each gracefully floated in the water,


She aspired to be that weightless.

Without any realization to the mindless routine she had slipped into,

She was.






Shaking out of her trance,

She slide the silk robe off of her shoulders,

It fell perfectly around her ruby red toes.


The polish glimmered when emerged into the bath,

Resembling real jewels buried beneath the crystallized water.

Sitting down,

She leaned over the edge where she placed her phone and speaker.

She set the album “Rumors” on repeat,

Picked up the $6.49 bottle of Chardonnay,

And gulped back.


The dry taste of the cheap Chardonnay left an uncomfortable feeling on her tongue,

Like the parting kiss you share with a past lover.

Reaching for the pack of Marlboro lights,

She exchanged it for the bottle,

Slightly spilling some wine when attempting to set it on the tiled floor.


On the corner of the tub,

She carefully placed the crystal ash tray she received as a Valentine’s Day gift so many forgettable years ago.

Smoke gathered in the confined space,

Dusting the many plants lined along the window ledge in a foggy film.


“Now here you go again, you say

You want your freedom,

Well who am I to keep you down,

It’s only right that you should

Play the way you feel it,

But listen carefully to the sound

Of your loneliness,

Like a heartbeat drives you mad

In the stillness of remembering what you had,

And what you lost,

And what you had,

And what you lost”


Stevie’s voice cried out in her melodic rhythm,

Transporting her listeners to a land of gypsy love and mystic believing.


At least,

For this listener it did.

She escaped for a little bit with Stevie,

Accompanied by the smoke and the tea bags,

Not forgetting the chardonnay of course.


Almost knocking over the ash tray,

She grabbed the bottle again to flood of her throat with the dehydrating taste.


“Yo Esther are you smoking in the apartment again?!”


The sound of her roommate’s siren call pierced straight through the sound of Stevie’s cry,

Stinging the ears of anyone who was unlucky enough to hear.


“Esther how many times do I have to ask you to stop smoking inside the apartment?!

It’s going to not only stink up our home,

But most importantly it’s going to stink up my clothes!

I refuse to smell like your ash tray!”


“Take it easy man!

That was the last time I swear!”


“It better be or the next step is me getting the landlord involved.”


“Damn Sabrina what’s up your ass?”


“I’ve had a very long and tiring day at work and the last thing I want to deal with right now is a reckless roommate who only thinks about herself and keeps fucking smoking in the apartment!”


Her voice echoed throughout the kitchen,

Muffling up a bit once arriving under the bathroom door.


“Reckless roommate?

What the fuck man!

I work just as hard as you and never get to relax either.”


“You’re kidding right?

I have a REAL job!

A job that offers insurance and stability and most importantly,



“I do have a REAL job!”



I’m not even going to feed into this now.

And no,

Even your job at The Strand doesn’t count!

Now hurry up and get out!

I’m meeting everyone for drinks at nine and I need to get in there!”



It’s only 6:32pm though!”


“I’m disgusting!

It’s going to take me at least an hour for me to prep!”


“Goddamnit Sabrina!”


Bursting out of the tub,

She grabbed her apricot colored towel off of the toilet seat,

Wrapping it vigorously around herself.


She made sure to collect the bottle of wine and her ash tray,

Leaving behind the tub full of tea bags and her aggravation about cutting the duration short.


Stumbling down the hallway to her room,

Dripping wet each step of the way there,

Her roommate couldn’t help but to supply some commentary.


“Are you serious Esther?

Real fucking mature.”


She could hear Sabrina continue to complain as she ferociously slammed the door behind her,

Knocking the head of the door knob onto the floor once again.


Securing her own door behind her,

The towel dropped to the floor and once again,

She could just be.


Her domain was alive.

That’s how she always wanted to be.

Surrounded by life.


Though she kept her color scheme minimal,

The environment flourished with complexity and dexterity.

The space might’ve been grand for the price she was paying,

But she had plush green plants to soak up all the capacity.


Besides the wide arrangement of exotic plants and basic decor,

The only other existence of color lay in the two posters above her bed.

Both were iconic:

One the famous still of Jack Nicholson from “The Shining”.

The other was of Christian Bale from “American Psycho”.


Two maniacs,

Two disturbed individuals,

Two evils,

Brought under the same roof.

Brought together by the third party in this psyche ward.


She felt like she could relate to the manic behavior demonstrated by the two.

Locked up in this kingdom of contradiction,

She paced the room,

Baring it all.


She particularly liked air drying because of her large window,

Which coincidentally sat directly across from her beautiful neighbor.

The two would flirt simultaneously as they continued their risque routine daily,

Never actually encountering one another up close and personal.



Her little tease mate wasn’t present today.

So she belly flopped onto her bed,

Still possessing her wet hair towel and not fully drying off herself.


Flipping on her stereo system,

She let whatever sad boy came on her playlist play.


“Echoes In My Mind” popped up over the speakers,

Filling the room with an eerie sound that fit the setting perfectly.


Reaching over to her nightstand,

She pulled out a box of Cheez-Its,

Snacking ,

Still completely naked aside from the soaking towel flopped on her head.


Two paws sprang out from one side of the bed,

Startling her as she dropped her handful of crackers.


Knowing who the culprit was,

She leaned over and lifted the hairless pink body onto the comforter.



The rescued Sphinx cat,

Perched himself next to his naked owner,

Awaiting the crackers he knew she’d share with him.


The two shared a unique bond,

Neither of them trusted much at all,

An overflowing load of abandonment issues spread vigorously between them evenly.


Funny how the girl who hated cats,

Ended up with the obscure Sphinx who despised people.


This union could’ve only been shaped in the unholiest of lands for it to work this well.


And there they sat commonly understanding each other,

One Cheez-it for her,

One for him,

As the Goth Boys sang out in blistering harmony.


I’m a sinner 

For I have mistaken my fortune for that of a saint 

The wicked hath thought the wicked could be touched tenderly 

The wicked believed thou could be shown the love that one who hasn’t seen the darkness  breach could 

The wicked should’ve guessed that calamity lingers like the after dinner cigarette smoke expelling from your breath 

For saints are more frugal to come by as they bask in the midst of dawn 

But us sinners have become a commodity in this world of fabrication 

As to wear your damnation on your sleeve is to salute your trials and tribulations as you’re broken down further by the socialism at hand 

It is easy to be a saint 

It is an art form to be a sinner 


-Tales of a Sinner 



I’m a sinner 

Because I dwell from the loins of the damned 

I am poisoned with his blood and share in his dismay 

Incriminating acts and conjugating chaos with the tips of my fingers as I play casually in the casualty of my soul 

Like the tarnation who equips as much damage behind bars as he did prior 

I provoke transgressions in this commonwealth that salutes the sinners with a badge and shoots down the ones with a cause 

For I’ll take the syringe to my veins and distribute every drop of plasma until those who are blind can finally see the realism of the unsound 


– Tales of a Sinner 




“Damn, It seemed like you were in there for hours.”


Coming out of the main bedroom,

She was met by a petite mixed girl who went by the name of Genevieve when she Dommed.


She wasn’t a particular fan of Genevieve,

Primarily for how fucking nosey she was all the time.

No matter what the conversation was,

Genevieve always had to have some part of it.

The complete opposite of herself,

Who liked to keep a good distance from any intimate human contact.

She didn’t need to know anyone’s business and no one certainly needed to know hers.



How do you do it?”


Parking herself on the sleek leather sofa that sat against the wall,

She was making it hard for her to pick up from the session.


“Do what?”


The frustration in her voice was apparent,

She always had a difficult time masking her tone when she spoke.


“Get all the cuties.


Every guy I see come session with you isn’t completely revolting.


They’re all pretty decent looking.

Like he was pretty cute,

I would totally give him some personal sessions.”


“Maybe that’s why they come and see me and not you.”


“Huh, why?”


“Because I don’t make it apparent I’m a horny little bitch when I session with them and you do.”




That was pretty harsh.”


Appearing out of what seemed like thin air,


A stunningly beautiful latina woman,

Filled in the gap of the doorway with her tall,

Slender figure.


Honora acted as the head of the collective with her on again/ off again boyfriend Smith,

Who was the one who actually recruited the girls.

She had the power to do anything she wanted in life,

A walking dynamite that could destroy and rebuild in instants.


“We have to remember ladies,

We are a sisterhood here.

No hard feelings towards anyone but the clients.”


“Oh Honora there’s no hard feeling shere.

Ana’s just in one of her moods.

Y’know how she gets.”


One of her moods?

Like any of these bitches,

especially Genevieve,

could ever really know the depth of what she was feeling.


Her body was the capsule that contained a dim abyss beneath the surface,

Considerably the eighth wonder of the world.

Like a magnet,

It attracted any source of warmth she could possibly feel down to the unknown bottom,

Drowning it in a merciless killing.


Anxiety and restlessness were the only two sensations that could surface through the black tar,

Leaving her constantly frustrated and unfulfilled in every aspect of her life.


She knew most of the dread and anguish that built up inside her was caused by the chemical imbalance she unfortunately inherited from her father.  

Abilify was prescribed,

Not only for the bipolar,

But more for the restrictive relationship she had with food.


Possessing trust issues so intense,

She felt as if she couldn’t even trust the food she put into her body.


Believing the medication was intended to conspire against her,

She refused not only the Abilify,

But anything further prescribed.


Behind the babyfaced girl brewed an eruptive personality,

Providing meteorologists with the perfect name for the next natural disaster.



I guess I’m just overtired or something.

Didn’t mean to snap.”


“It happens,

Which is understandable,

But it just seems like it’s been occurring a lot more from you lately.

Ya sure everything’s okay?”


She couldn’t tell if Honora was genuinely concerned or just putting on a front.


“I’m fine,

Just overworked, y’know?

This isn’t my only job.”


“I know,

I know.

But other girls here are in the same situation as you,

Yet they come with a moderate attitude.

I’m just worried about you.”


“It’s nothing I’ll try to make sure I have the “right” attitude when I come to work.”


“Don’t be fresh,

just remember I’m always here to listen to whatever you’re going through.”



I’ll remember that when I feel like talking.”


She glanced over to the window that was cracked open just a bit enough to let in the brisk March air.

The view from the two bedroom apartment faced the south side of Chinatown,

Outlooking neighboring apartments and a few of the open markets below.


        One apartment in particular always caught all the girls’ interests.

It sat a few floors below in the building that stood directly across from theirs.

Bright magenta lights illuminated the blank curtains that shielded the world from the mysteries behind them.


They all assumed in was a “massage parlor”;

Code for “escort service”.


It allured their imaginations in peculiar ways,

Envisioning what actually happened behind the thin layer of fabricate.




thought about what it be like to go full service,

Visualizing how much more money she’d be earning.


She was always held back by the fear of who would come through those doors,

Wanting to touch her in ways she’d never allow.


She gave those girls a lot of credit for doing what they had to do.


“I’m not staying over tonight,”


She announced reverting her attention back to the black bed sheet she had to finish setting up.


It looks like it’s going to be a busy one though,

And a few guys have been calling about you already.

One seems definite on coming in.”



I’m just not feeling good tonight.

I’ve worked the last four nights,

I need a break and get at  least seven hours of sleep.

These two to four hour sleeping schedules are killing me.”


“I totally get that.

Of course Ana,,

Sorry to push you.

Guys just call a lot for you,

that’s all.

But please go rest up and we’ll be in touch when you’re coming back.”




She finished making the bed up for the next session,

Then exited the main bedroom going into the guest room where all her stuff was.

It was the complete opposite of the main room,

Lacking not only the size,

But the appeal the other one for the clients.


The guest was small,

Somewhat resembling the size of a closet if it didn’t have the side window.

Before moving to the city she would’ve never guessed there was a law stating that a room can only be considered a bedroom if it has a window.

She had to thank her roommate for teaching her that,

As well as a bunch of other little basic facts she’d probably never realize without her.


It was also all white;

Everything was white,

Except for the light wood flooring.


She didn’t mind it though,

It made her feel comfortable.

As soon as she got in there she always knew she could relax and unwind,

Something she normally didn’t get the chance to do.


There was a full length mirror that stood right in the corner next to the bed.

She took a minute to examine herself,

Or to say,

This version of herself.


“Mistress Ana”,

She felt,

Looked nothing like her at all.

As “Mistress Ana”,

Her naturally crazy curls were contained by the revisit of the straightener time and time again.

She also made sure to always have her extensions in for her sessions as well,

Making her already long hair never ending,

So that it cascaded down her back to the tip of her asss.


Her makeup was complicated,

Embellished across her face.

She had to learn from the other girls working how to actually perfect the ornamented details they already knew so well.

Thick fake lashes blanketed her eyelids,

While slick winged eyeliner guided its way across.


Her eyebrows were always plucked precisely,

Shaping two perfect reciprocals on both sides of her face.  


Her lip color tended to change by day.

The candy-apple red e.l.f. Lipstick was typically her go to,

Admiring the way it stood out amongst the usual all black attire.


Tonight she had on the new latex onsie one of her regulars acquired for her.

She smoothed out the material covering her stomach,

An almost liquid-like substance underneath her fingertips.


This entity that exhibited herself so lustfully in the mirror was a complete stranger.

She would never be able to live up to this image of “Mistress Ana”;

She might’ve done an impeccable job of selling the fantasy,

But she was just a knockoff brand that only resembled the real thing.


Sinking down onto the bed,

She began to strip the illusion off her body,

Revealing the impersonator behind the mask,

Esther Lux.





The zipper made a soft tearing sound as two stiletto red nails pulled it up,

all the way to the top of the shiny leather boots.

Hands clenched with desire,

bound back by thick black ropes holding his body tightly against the banister.

She held his gaze,

moving onto the other boot,

teasing him with the sight of her seductive movements.


“ Do you like my boots? They’re new. You must by the looks of it.”


A throbbing member hung between his spread legs.

Desperation ran through his face all the way over his body as he was denied of the unbearable lasting sensation he felt.


“ I love your boots Mistress, you look incredible.”


“ I bet you wanna touch them with those filthy hands of yours, huh?

I can tell you’re imagining racing your pathetic little fingers up and down,

feeling my legs in these boots.

Aren’t you?

You disgusting little shoe slut.”


“Yes Mistress,

I am a disgusting little shoe slut.

I want to be your disgusting little shoe slut.”


She moved closer toward him in a panther-like motion,



eyeing her prey,

ready to make the kill.


She delicately grazed the edge of his left cheek with her nails,

instantly producing goosebumps along his skin.


“Don’t you know I already have too many shoe sluts?

If anything I need an obedient shoe slave who’s worthy enough to bask in the presence of a goddess such as myself and her highly selective collection of footwear.

Do you understand?”


“Yes Mistress,

I’ll do anything to be your shoe slave.

Please I beg of you,

I’ll do anything to prove I’m worthy enough.”


She glared into his eyes,

a look that could execute a room of men,

holding it for what seemed like an eternity.


She pursed her matching red lips into a grim,

yet eloquently beautiful smile.


“I guess it’s time to prove your worth,

huh you stupid little shoe whore.”


One thick leather boot leisurely began to caress his inner thigh,

slightly brushing against the flesh hanging between them.

Sighs of lust and desire expelled from his mouth,

wanting more than just the touch she provided.


She let him experience this gentle stroke a few times before she opposed it with a transitional kick right to the balls.

He let out a sound of a wounded animal,

as every breath he could possibly gasp was knocked straight from his body.


“Are you fucking kidding me?

Are you really going to cry?

It wasn’t even that hard you pussy.

I thought you could take some pain?


I guess you’re just a dirty little lying sissy boy.”



I can take it Mistress.

I can take anything you give me.

I want to bare it all for your pleasure.”


“You’re even more pathetic and stupid than I thought if you think you could provide me with any sense of pleasure.

But it is amusing seeing you struggle with the little punishments I’m giving you.”


“Give it to me harder Mistress.

I want to be your ball busting bitch.”



You certainly are a bitch.

You just gotta prove you have what it takes to be one of MY little bitches.”


She lined up the leather boot yet again,

Strumming along his member like before.


It was throbbing,

But in a completely different way than how it was originally.

This time it looked defeated from the initial excitement it was feeling.


Three more brutal kicks struck his penis and testicles,

Each time he whimpered louder and louder,

Screeching by the end of her deliverance.


A milky substance ran down one leg,

Dripping onto the floor between where he was positioned.

He slung back in his bindings,

Relieved physically,


But most importantly,



“Would ya look at that.

The little sissy boy couldn’t help but make a mess on my nice,

Clean floor.”


“I’m sorry Mistress,

I couldn’t hold it in.

I’ll clean it up.”


“Fuck yeah you’re going to clean that shit up.

I didn’t even give you fucking permission to cum you pitiful imbecile.”


She casually made her way over to him,

Releasing each hand from the elaborate knots.


He immediately rubbed the red idents that imprinted his wrists.  

Anyone could see they ached from the imprisonment.


“Get down on your knees bitch.”




“You heard me.

I don’t like fucking repeating myself so you better get down on those bitchass knees before I get out my whip.”


Fear stricken,

He immediately got down on his knees before her,

A statuesque figure standing tall in her platforms.



You made that despicable mess,

And you’re going to clean it up.”


“Yes Mistress.”


“With the same thing you shine my boots with.”


“You mean?…”



You’re going to use your tongue to clean it up.”


“Mistress I,”


“Excuse me?

Were you just going to question my authority?

You’re seriously going to disagree and talk back to your Mistress?”


“No not at all Mistress!

I’ll be happy to clean it up with my disgusting tongue.”



He began lapping up the dislodged semen that sat in a small puddle at her feet.


With years of practice she was able to keep a poker face present while she witnessed this naked thirty-something year-old man licking up his own cum.

Inside though,

She was squirming at the sight of what her dominant side was forcing this poor guy to do.


Taking breaks in between the dabs to collect himself,

The look he had on his face said it all.

Complete and utter humiliation,

The ultimate goal achieved.


“How do you taste skank?

I bet it tastes bitter.”


“I taste wretched Mistress,

Completely nasty.”


“I want you to remember that every second it comes across your mind that you might ever have the chance to be with me.

Because that’ll never happen in any lifetime you revolting slave.”


“Yes Mistress,

A women like you would never be with a cum-drinking loser like me.”


“That’s right,

Never forget that.”


“I won’t Mistress,

I’ll always remember that.”



Are you finished?

I believe our session is over now.”


“Yes Mistress,

I believe it’s all cleaned up.”


“It doesn’t matter,

I’ll just rewipe it after anyways.”


“Ahh gotcha.

That was a great session today.

I think my favorite one so far.”


Getting up,

He quickly rushed over the sofa that hosted the pile of clothes he previously stripped off.


“Yeah that one was fun today,

I hope I didn’t hurt you too bad though.

I went a bit overboard with this one.”


“No not at all!

I love being pushed to my limits and I definitely feel like you do that to the perfect extent!

Honestly an ideal Domme/Sub match!”


“I’m glad you feel that way.”


With the now wrinkled business suit on,

He looked like a presentable citizen of society yet again,

causing no assumptions of the crazy shit he was secretly into.




Reaching into his wallet,

He pulled out $184.00 as a tip,

Holding it out for her to take it.



I can’t take this.

It’s too much for the session we had.”


“If I could give you more,

I would,

Trust me.

But this is all the cash I have on me right now.


The session was amazing today.

You deserve it.”


“You’re too sweet.


One thing Rich.”




Leaning in closer to him,

She surprisingly grasp his now covered balls in a hard grip,

Squeezing tightly.


“If you ever forget to say my name again during one of our sessions I’ll shove a sound so far down your urethra you’ll feel it come out of your asshole,




Yes Mistress Ana.

I understand.”

He told me he loved me once 

After the gin hit his tongue

He spilt confessions all over my face

Was that bottle really filled with truth serum?

Or did he just mean my body

That he continuously spoke sweetness onto

Leaving it bare with nothing but the smell of gin

And lies 


-Alcohol lies and so does he